Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for new Americans, immigrants, and refugees in Kent County.

We know how important a broadly diverse population is for the success of our state.

Immigration is key to increasing diversity in our population and boosting our economy. Without immigration growth, the state of Michigan would be poised to lose population for the second census in a row. Perhaps even more impressive, the economic power of Grand Rapids’ immigrant community alone grew by more than $100 million in just one year, and immigrants in Grand Rapids hold nearly $1.5 billion in spending power. At the core of this initiative is the belief that Grand Rapids and Kent County are home to everyone who lives here, and it should feel like it too.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for New Americans, Immigrants, and Refugees in Kent County is not only the right thing to do, it also contributes economically to the area’s wellbeing. We want New Americans, Immigrants, and Refugees to stay in the area; they’ll stay if they feel welcomed, included, and valued.

– Kent County Welcome Plan Steering Committee


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