Cultural and Country Organizations

A Glimpse of Africa

A Glimpse of Africa is a non-profit that brings people together by showcasing educating, celebrating, and sharing diverse African cultures while fostering community through programs that voice, advocate for, and address African refugees and immigrant needs and disparities.

Our goal is to ensure the African immigrant and refugee population is not only healthy but a thriving, happy, successful well-rounded community.

African Collaborative Network

We are an African collaborative, purposely engaging in advocacy, dialogues and partnerships to provide access to resources and opportunities for the African community within West Michigan. We want to see a united and engaged African community as empowered stakeholders, contributing to cultural, social, and economic development.

African Resource Center

African Resource informs, connects, and equips African immigrants in West Michigan with people and resources to foster a flourishing community where recent African immigrants can prosper emotionally, educationally, economically, and socially.

Ethiopian Community Association of Grand Rapids

ECAGR is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious civic organization created to serve Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans in the Greater Grand Rapids Metropolitan area. Through social, cultural, and philanthropic means ECAGR helps to educate, empower, and advocate for members within its community. Our diverse membership reflects the rich diversity of Ethiopia with an emphasis on being an advocate for Ethiopians and

Ethiopian-Americans in West Michigan.

Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation

GRAPF (Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation) is a 501c3 nonprofit deeply ingrained in our community, driven by a purposeful mission to weave cultural enrichment, economic empowerment, community unity, and proactive education into the fabric of West Michigan communities. 

Hispanic Center of West Michigan

Founded in 1978, the goal of the Hispanic Center is to provide unmet social services to the Hispanic Community in Greater West Michigan.

Located in the heart of the Roosevelt Park, the largest Latino neighborhood in Grand Rapids, the Hispanic Center is able to directly serve more than 30,000 individuals annually. Not limited to Grand Rapids, we seek to address the needs of Latinos in West Michigan. The staff is largely bilingual and multi-cultural. We understand our Latino neighbors, connect with them, and work to achieve self-sufficiency together.

Latin American United for Progress

Empowering LATINOS to participate in creating a better COMMUNITY for all through advocacy, celebration & education.

We opened our first office in 2003, offering case work for Latinos in need and empowering our community through ESL classes. By 2007, the organization had grown enough that we decided to hire our first paid executive director. Since then Latin Americans United for Progress has continued to work alongside our Latino community to celebrate its culture and equip people to reach their greatest potential.

The Latino Community Coalition

As one of the Latino voices in West Michigan, we look to the community to shape how we advocate for our collective priorities. Today, the LCC is influential in key decisions taking place related to diversity, equity, and inclusion of the Latino community in West Michigan. We are accountability partners, walking alongside organizations and institutions to improve the quality of service for our community. We believe in the power and potential of our community, and we are proud to work for their advancement.

Mexican Heritage Association of West Michigan

In 1969, a group of Mexican women shared a vision of celebrating their cultural heritage with the wider community.

One of these women was Mrs. Maurila Blakely Ortiz, a dedicated organizer of traditional charity festivals known as kermés. This vision eventually evolved into the modern-day Fiesta Mexicana.

Mrs. Ortiz’s tireless efforts to preserve our heritage with dignity have allowed us to reap the rewards of those, like her, who invested their time and energy to secure a brighter future for generations to come.

Thanks to her and the countless others who have planted the seeds over the past 52 years, we can now look beyond the struggle to validate the richness of our culture in the mainstream mindset.

Ukrainian Society of Michigan

The Ukrainian Society of Michigan creates a thriving, connected community while celebrating and advancing the resilient culture of Ukraine.

West Michigan Asian American Association

The West Michigan Asian American Association, Inc. is a Michigan nonprofit corporation that seeks to build a collaborative, active, and committed Asian American community in West Michigan with a focus on healthcare, education, and civic engagement. 
In pursuit of its mission and vision, the WMAAA’s current programs and activities include a scholarship program, networking events, presentations and performances that promote appreciation for Asian culture, speaking engagements that promote greater awareness of healthcare issues affecting the Asian-American community, a patient navigation system, and other programs and activities that further its strategic objectives.   
 The WMAAA board of directors, its officers and the members of the committees that run its projects and activities are all volunteers of diverse backgrounds who have committed to promoting the spirit of collaboration and stewardship in the community.
West Michigan Kenyans

We shall be the proud representatives of the face of Kenya in West Michigan and the US community at large. We are envisioning a diverse non-tribal, non-partisan, and non-religious group that will encourage membership of individuals from all social, economic, and professional backgrounds. Strive to always promote unity among Kenyans, creating authentic relationships and liaisons with our local West Michigan community for the welfare of our members.