Employement Resources

African Collaborative Network -Youth Internship Program

The African Collaborative Network’s Internship Program is a transformative initiative designed to create opportunities for African immigrant and refugee youth. The program partners with local corporations and offers competitive internships that can potentially lead to full-time roles, acting as a stepping stone towards a successful professional career.

Hispanic Center of West Michigan - Work Force Developement

In partnership with local universities, businesses, and other organizations, the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan acts as a bridge to provide language accessibility & professional development through a variety of programs.

Kent ISD - Workforce Developement

Kent ISD’s Workforce Development team is bringing together students and employers to build a skilled and diverse workforce that is necessary for a healthy economy. We look to build relationships between education and business to help students learn career skills and for employers to hire the talent that they need.

Latinos United for Progress - Programs

Unlock your full potential by enrolling in LAUP’s Workforce Development Program. Receive individual training tailored to your needs and learn skills to make you a more qualified hire to take your career to the next level. Secure your future today!

Literacy Center of West Michigan

More than just a mission statement, this is our commitment to making West Michigan the region with the highest literacy levels in the nation. One-on-one tutoring, work-related classes, and family literacy programming are all available based on the goals, availability, and learning style of our learners.

West Michigan Works!

West Michigan Works! offers comprehensive job placement solutions. We help with unemployment services, training, career education, as well as permanent job placement.