General Resource List


Available until December 31, 2024.

The federal government has launched the Bridge Access Program which provides free COVID-19 vaccines for uninsured adults and adults whose insurance doesn’t cover all COVID-19 vaccine costs. If you visit you will be able to search for participating vaccines sites by selecting Bridge Access Program. 


The federal government restarted their free COVID-19 at-home test program. Each household can order 4 free COVID-19 tests. The website to order tests is live and can be found HERE. These tests will detect the currently circulating COVID-19 variants. People are encouraged to use the free tests immediately as Americans prepare for travel and gatherings with friends and family throughout the 2023 holiday season.


Check-out NRC-RIM’s translated COVID-19 resources and materials on boosterswavesvariants, and other general COVID-19 vaccine information useful. Customizable and translated into more than 40 languages, these are among their most popular resources to date.