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MDHHS Health Equity Console

To support and initiate programs, policies, and applied research to address social determinants of health that contribute to health inequities for racial and ethnic minority populations in Michigan;

Health Navigation Toolkit

Organizations will find translated and customizable resources for Afghan newcomers navigating the U.S. healthcare system in this popular new toolkit from NRC-RIM. Among the resources are “I speak” wallet cards for requesting an interpreter, instructions for how to read a prescription label and request refills, and important information about patient rights and responsibilities



Available until December 31, 2024.

The federal government has launched the Bridge Access Program which provides free COVID-19 vaccines for uninsured adults and adults whose insurance doesn’t cover all COVID-19 vaccine costs. If you visit you will be able to search for participating vaccines sites by selecting Bridge Access Program. 


The federal government restarted their free COVID-19 at-home test program. Each household can order 4 free COVID-19 tests. The website to order tests is live and can be found HERE. These tests will detect the currently circulating COVID-19 variants. People are encouraged to use the free tests immediately as Americans prepare for travel and gatherings with friends and family throughout the 2023 holiday season.


Check-out NRC-RIM’s translated COVID-19 resources and materials on boosterswavesvariants, and other general COVID-19 vaccine information useful. Customizable and translated into more than 40 languages, these are among their most popular resources to date.