African Immigrant & Refugee Scholarship Program
The African Collaborative Network (ACN) is proud to introduce our Scholarship Program, designed specifically for African immigrant and refugee students. This program aims to alleviate financial barriers and provide deserving candidates the chance to excel academically. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality education, regardless of their circumstances.
Youth Mentorship Program

The African Collaborative Network Mentorship Program is designed to empower African immigrant and refugee youth living in West Michigan by connecting them with successful African immigrant and refugee mentors. The program aims to provide guidance, support, and opportunities for personal and professional growth, helping mentees navigate the challenges of adapting to life in a new country while fostering a sense of community and cultural identity.

Casa Latina

Casa Latina is a new approach to higher education utilizing dual language methodology across its curriculum to help students become experts in their chosen field and professionally proficient in both English and Spanish.

Hispanic Center of West Michigan

Founded in 1978, the goal of the Hispanic Center is to provide unmet social services to the Hispanic Community in Greater West Michigan.

Located in the heart of the Roosevelt Park, the largest Latino neighborhood in Grand Rapids, the Hispanic Center is able to directly serve more than 30,000 individuals annually. Not limited to Grand Rapids, we seek to address the needs of Latinos in West Michigan. The staff is largely bilingual and multi-cultural. We understand our Latino neighbors, connect with them, and work to achieve self-sufficiency together.


At ImmiGreatness, we see the value in everyone. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change and we are driven by the same ideas our organization was initially founded upon: support, empowerment, and progress. The seed for ImmiGreatness was planted by a passion to aid immigrants and children of immigrants as they integrate into an American society. 

Kent ISD Adult Education

We help adults build brighter futures by helping them get their GED or high school diploma, gain skills in the English language, and through Career and Technical Education (CTE). Our program has two main locations where every student can reach their goals.  Morning, afternoon and evening sessions, as well as online classes, are offered to meet the needs of students and their work and family schedules. Teachers provide interactive lessons in class as well as field trips to local libraries, the Rapid Bus system and community organizations for real-life experiences. Adult education can also include career readiness, professional advancement, specific training for skills and careers, citizenship and family literacy.

Literacy Center of West Michigan

The Literacy Center works alongside immigrants, refugees, native speakers of English, and anyone else looking to improve their reading and writing. The Literacy Center offers free English instruction – in both a classroom setting and with a one-on-one literacy coach – that is focused on the areas of life most important to learners: their family, their work, and their community. For more information visit

myHealthButton Virtual Training

The myHealthButton/myHealthPortal training is a virtual training educating attendees on the benefit of the Medicaid health information apps. click here to register

Refugee Education Center

We support refugees in their journey to become fully participating members of the West Michigan community. We envision a thriving, multicultural West Michigan community where all have an opportunity to pursue a better future!


We’re a nonprofit connecting refugees to crucial services they can’t access alone. With just one part-time staff member and passionate volunteers, we’ve been at it since 2011. It all started when a volunteer noticed the struggles of a Congolese family and rallied local support. Now, Thrive is here to help refugees adjust to life in the US, one family at a time. Join us in making a difference!

Welcome Plan Workshop Series

Check out our quarterly Grant Writing Workshops that cover the different aspects of developing, writing, and mainting Grants

Zeeland Adult Education

The purpose of the Zeeland Adult Education Program is to assist students in reaching their educational goal and to prepare them for their next step in education and/or employment. We offer free classes for students to earn a GED Certificate. We also offer free ESL classes for students to learn English.

Check-out NRC-RIM’s translated COVID-19 resources and materials on boosterswavesvariants, and other general COVID-19 vaccine information useful. Customizable and translated into more than 40 languages, these are among their most popular resources to date.